TV media has become an important of our daily entertainment life. But, is anything out there which can push us more in the direction of consciousness?

Our purpose is to list out the resources which you can take as entertainment and still get sufficient pings to make you move a little more in the direction of consciousness.

Upanishad Ganga, is a Hindi TV serial directed by none other than Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. People who knows Dr. Dwivedi needs no more explanation about the work, but to switch it on and start watching.

Dr. Dwivedi is known for his passion and thorough study about the subject. As the name implies, the subject this time is Upanishad, which is a central and canonical text of Hindu Scriptures.

Every episode will either answer your question or will get you plague with the one. By the time you are following the episodes, it will feel like more of discourse than just entertainment.


Buddha is an Indian Television series in Hindi language. Buddha is based on life of Gautama Buddha.

Although storyline and direction is a bit dramatic but we can assure you that you will learn and get inspired a lot.

The beautiful thing about this series is that significant portion of it shows the later years of Buddha - Years after his Enlightenment. Each episode tries to end with one of the central teachings of Buddhism.