This website, in brief, tries to touch upon an individual’s life in following prospects: Physical Development, Intellectual Development and Majorly Spiritual Development. By doing so, the website will touch the subjects of Yoga, Meditation, Self-development, Ayurveda and all other subjects which aligns with above developments.

The Questions of Life:

In an individual’s life there comes a point when the question of Purpose of life, Meaning of life or The Goals of life arises and these questions becomes more important than any other part of life. Who am I? Why am I? Why do I Born? Why do I die? Is there any purpose of Life? and the unanswerable questions continues. Sometimes, these questions comes so thrashingly that it sticks to the individual in an irreversible manner or sometimes it comes periodically, in a mild way, always signalling the uselessness and meaninglessness of life.


In the current scenario, human has become the social prisoner. The walls of the prison are invisible but they can be felt very strongly. Society tries to impose the chains in different ways like Marriage, Academics, Survival, Responsibilities.  Some are psychological chains and some are emotional. The names of the chains can be different, but feeling is the same. Intrinsic nature of that human wants to get out of this chaos, always attracted towards the freedom, to know the meaning of life. Individual wants answers. In this situation, an individual sometimes confuses escapism with freedom.

Now with the questions in mind and awareness of the boundations, an individual tries to find the door, the resources which can be applied, the way which can be followed, to find the meaning of life, to get out of the chaos, the chains, the boundations. With all the political, social, intellectual, social, economical or physical considerations dropped, individual becomes a seeker, partially or fully.

Four aspects of person:

Is there any answer to the eternal questions? Is there any meaning of life?

First: If a person thinks that he or she is not in any chaos or the above series of questions does not arises in that person, then there is no any answer for that person. Simply because there is no any question before him or her. Life can be meaningful or meaningless for the person depending on the belief system of that person.

Second: Person is aware of the meaninglessness of life, In totality. But he/she is not able to find the answer or does not even know where to look for the answer.

Third: Person has started on the answer in bits and pieces but does not have the resources to get the complete picture.

Fourth: Person knows the answer theoretically but does not know the way to attain it.

Place of

The role of this website is to be a platform fulfilling all four aspects of person. For first, it tries to provide the resources where a person can resonate his/her situation with others. For Second, Third and Fourth,  it tries to organize the resources pertaining to these questions by which a person can know the answer theoretically and can also experiments on it.

Some people have spend their lives finding answers to these question while others finds too many versions of the answers. Do not take any word as truth here even if those words are referenced from the greatest mystics of their times or from revered scriptures. Take any part on this website as theory and experiment on it. If it works for you, take it. Otherwise, continue on the next part until you find and feel the answer within yourself.

With the very positive heart, we are trying to create a community around this plaform. Help us nurture this website as a platform to get the questions answered.

We will be organizing what has left of the past, the current knowledge and will move towards the path where personal experiences can be shared and people help each other to create a better individual. We have to find it ourself.

Be a light unto yourself ~ Buddha