Life of Osho:

Born 11 December, 1931, Osho is known as mystic, spiritual teacher and public speaker. He was very active during his lifetime resulting in so much of loyal following, controversies, murder attempt, bioterror attack, murder conspiracy in US and many other events.

He was born in a Jain family (of Taranpanthi Sect) as eldest of the eleven children. Till the age of eleven, he lived with his maternal grandparents. This time is said to be affected him a lot as no any academics was imposed on him. His grandfather died during this time. At the age of 15, his cousin and girlfriend, named Shashi, also died. Both these deaths affected him a lot.

As adolescent and young individual, he attended college but knocked out of one and refrained from attending the classes from another due to his views, his discussions and over-indulgence in the arguments. On 21st March 1958, he experienced spiritual enlightenment as said by him.

He completed his B.A. and M.A. in academics and secured a position as lecturer. Parallel to this job, he started travelling giving lectures under the name Acharya Rajneesh.

He had settled in Bombay, Pune, Oregon and again in Pune. Between these settlements, he had travelled a lot in different countries.

He died in 19 January 1990, at the age of 58, reportedly of heart failure.

We do not assert any idea on whether he was a self-realized man or not. But we believe that knowing him, his teachings , his ideas will help you improve your life or may be raise questions in you.

Legacy of Osho:

Osho on his past lives:

Throughout his lifetime, through various discourses, Osho has talked about his past lives in bits and pieces. In a very authoritative way he says:

I have meditated; I have come to a point where I can see my own past lives, and that’s proof enough. It is my knowing, my experiencing; it is nothing to do with Indian heritage, beliefs, or anything. I speak on my own authority.

Who can authenticate this? Nobody. Either you belive these stories or you do not.

But,If you want to know of what Osho has said about his past lives in complete detail, visit our post: Osho’s past lives.

Books by Osho:

Osho has never written any book in his lifetime. All the books which has been ascribed to him is transcribed from his public lectures and discourses. The number of the books is more than 600. Please visit our page Osho Books to see the comprehensive list of books by Osho.

Osho Books

Discourses by Osho:

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The Books Osho Loved:

Out of many discourses Osho delivered, one could be of the outmost importance to the books lovers. Why? Because in that discourse, Osho mentioned the list of books which Osho loved. The discourse completed in the series of sixteen sessions.

As all the books mentioned by him cannot be comprised in a single post in a worthful manner, which could also give a sort of introduction to the books,  we have tried to create posts in direct parallel to his sessions. So, 16 posts for his 16 sessions.

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Osho on Different People:

In the course of his lifetime, during his discourses, Osho has commented on different people. Some of them are well known mystics and some of them may be new to our eyes and ears. In this way, Osho has brought to us a long range of Mystics to read about and follow. Below here, we have tried to compile the list of people on which Osho has talked: