How to get rid of smartphone addiction? | Sadhguru | Video Transcription | English

In today’s world, everything and everyone are getting connected. World is getting smaller and smaller. Things are getting easier day be day.

With all of these developments, smartphone has become a staple for us.Today, a person can do so many things with some touches on smartphone.

But, with this easiness in life comes side-effects too.

Our mind has started to react on every beep coming from the smartphone. Our free time is now passed on smartphone. Whether be it listening music, youtubing, facebook or WhatsApp.

Day by day, most of our time which could be well spent on some creative or necessary tasks, is getting utilized (wasted) on smartphone. We have become kind of addictive to it.

Is this smartphone a friendly tool or some technological compulsive evil?

Should you drop using smartphone altogether? Or is there there any way by which you can maintain balance between obsession and escape?

Below is the understanding and solution to this addiction in the words of Sadhguru.

This post is a part of our main series where we had such short videos of Sadhguru on different topics.

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How to get rid of Smartphone addiction? – Transcription – English

In era of democratization of technology, innovation, smartphone, internet, social media, we are getting more and more dependent on all of those tools. I am one of them.

They are important today as food, water, breath, as air. I am sorry for the question: are we human being becoming stupid?

Are we slave? Isn’t this – the modern life slavery for you?



No. I don’t see it that way.

Even if you are a caveman, sorry cave-woman: usually cave is always for the men, you know, for some reason.


We can live up in cave, cavewomen.


You will carry a stick in your hand. You will never keep the stick down, because it was necessary.

Maybe there was a snake, maybe there was an animal, maybe there was something else. Always a stick.

Today you are carrying a cellphone. I don’t see any difference.

But stick was useful at that time, this phone is useful now.

Now, this is technology which has enabled us to do so many things.

I remember 25 years ago, 30 years ago, when i was building the foundation, you know, i had to go into those booth with a black phone and make 100, 200 calls at a time.

Today, if i just think about it, my phone calls, alright.

If i say a word, it will call who i want and it is done.

Life has become so much better because of for phone.

But now, people are in a state of compulsiveness.

Anything you will give,they are so compulsive, they make it into suffering.

Compulsive eating, compulsive drinking, compulsive everything.

So, the problem is not phone, problem is not something else, compulsiveness is the problem.

The solution is only consciousness, there is no other way.


And controlling our-self.


No, Not controlling. Becoming conscious.

If you become conscious, you are liberated, not controlled.

How to get rid of smartphone addiction Video

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