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Uyir Nokkam - Isha Yoga

Uyir Nokkam Program is one of the introductory program under the umbrella of Isha Yoga programs by Isha Foundation. Other introductory programs being : Inner Engineering, Isha Hatha Yoga, Isha Yoga for Children.

Advance programs are also available for those who wants to go further on spiritual path.

In this article we will know about the Uyir Nokkam program, different questions and probable answers around it, programĀ  benefits, format etc. So Stay tuned.

Uyir Nokkam - Isha Yoga

After reading this article, you will have full knowledge about the program. If you are curious to join this program and unable to take the decision, this article will help you to decide whether it is a good fit for you or not..

Uyir Nokkam meaning : Life – A purpose unto itself OR in other words: Purpose of life is life itself. With so deep in meaning, this program must be offering the tools (Yogic practices) to realize this meaning.


Spirituality will not mean a thing if you are not healthy physically. Spirituality will mean nothing to you if you are in problem socially or economically.

When your whole concentration is to solve these problems, spirituality won’t matter. Priority will be to find out the solution to these problems.

And how will you solve these problems? Answer is that When your life force complies with you and start working in certain direction. When your mind is cordinating with you and not working against you. When body is able to direct the action needed.

The purpose of Uyir Nokkam program is to create an alignment between a person’s body, mind, emotions, energy and five elements so that it can lead to the complete well-being of that person.

Once a person has achieved this level of well-being, when this person is kind of stable and confident, he/she can take further step towards the spiritual training. In this way, Uyir Nokkam program works as the foundation work to prepare a person for the Spiritual path.


The complete program is of 6 hours. It is for 3 days, 2 hours each. Program is given by trained teachers of Isha Foundation. These teachers are trained under direct guidance of Sadhguru.


Uyir Nokkam program is active since July 2014.

Age Restriction

Person attending the program must be atleast 12 years of age.


Right now this program is available in Tamil language only.


Right now, this program is available in Tamilnadu only. The program is very active specially in and around Chennai.

Uyir Nokkam Benefits

As the program works at multiple levels: Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy and Five elements, it also has benefits in all these different levels.

Some of the major benefits are mentioned below:

  • Improvement in overallĀ  physical health.
  • Improvement in overall mental health.
  • Stress buster.
  • Better relations with better communication.
  • Joyfulness.
  • Better able to handle situations.
  • Helps a person overcome various health ailments.

Home Delivery of Uyir Nokkam Program

One of the biggest USP of this program is the way by which people can connect with the program. Generally, to attend an Isha Yoga program either there is an option for residential retreat or online facility. But Uyir Nokkam program is different in this aspect.

So, either you can opt for one of the camps of Isha Foundation or you can avail the program at your doorstep!!

Wondering on how is this possible? Well – it is quite possible and here is how:

You will just have to form a goup of minimum 11 people. Afterwards, you can connect with your nearby Isha Foundation center. They will help you in providing the ‘teacher’ who will materialize the whole Yogic practice of Uyir Nokkam program.

A Word of Advice

According to Sadhguru, a person who is practicing Uyir Nokkam techniques must do for atleast 48 days. This duration of 48 days is called as Mandala. According to Ayurveda, it is said that during a Mandala, the whole system completes a cycle.

So, if you are tying it, give it atleast 48 days.

Let us know you thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

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