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Samyama Program is one of the three advance program offered under Isha Yoga by Isha Foundation. This program is completely designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev himeself.

In this post we will try to explain the Samyama program from all prospect possible so that viewer can find all the information and answers to all theirs questions and queries. 


Isha Yoga Samyama Program is 8 day silence program. Samyana program targets to make a person experience higher level of consciousness and explosive state of meditativeness. Through this program, person purify his/her system and gets rid of their past karma.

While explaining 'Samyama', Sadhguru says:

Samyama is a state where your awareness has reached a point - where you clearly know - you are fully aware that you are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the world.

Basically, a person is made to feel the subtle experiences which is beyond mind and body.


The program is a 8 days residential program.

Typical Itinerary

Before we give you all the gist of what all things happens in this program, we would like to tell you that there is a preparatory step before you attend the program.

The program is preceded by a meet. In this meet organisers educates you about the rules to be followed for the next 40 days before starting of the program.

Preparatory rules are like:

  • Stop Alcohol.
  • Stop Milk.
  • Stop Potatoes.
  • Stop Curd.
  • Things which negates the pranic flow and causes drowsiness and sleep.
  • Practice Ardha Siddha Asana for hours.

Rules regarding program:

  • Do not make eye contact with people in program.
  • Do not wear watches.
  • Do not Shave.
  • Do not possess mirrors.
  • No cloth washing.
  • Total Silence. In case if not obeyed, you will be asked to leave the program.

Poeple need to wear the white or orange clothing from Isha Shoppe. As cloth washing is not allowed, you may need to purchase in count according to your requirement. Maybe 2 or 3.


Chant of 'Om Namaha Shivaya' with full intensity for long hours. Possibly 10 hours. Volunteers are leading with chanting and generally switches in-between. There are other Isha Foundation volunteers which monitors the people and enforces the chanting.


After the Chanting, next step is concentrating on the breath coming in and out of the nostrils. This focusing advances when told to focus on breathing even when you are doing any activity and going to sleep. Regardless of the activity, you need to maintain the focus on the breath coming in and out of the nostrils.

People who are already acquinted with some meditational stuff will find it exactly same steps of Vipassana Meditation.

- Breaks in-between involving gibberish talks and making meaningless sounds or words. These are part of the process.

Day 7- Day8

Repeating your Beej mantra for three times, internally in the mind.

Become aware of your breath for a minute, uninterruptly.

Now, become aware of your thoughts while being aware of the breath for a minute.

Now, become aware of Samyana Object (any outer object of your choice: a person, stone , table, chair etc.) while continuing being aware of breah and thoughts.

Now try to maintain the awareness of breath, thoughts and Samyama Object altogether for a minute. If the continuity breaks, repeat the step starting from Repeating Beej Mantra internally.

At last, attendes are told to loose focus on themselves and burn all their attachment to the society. Sadhguru leads the way saying that 'burn' your child, parents, spouse, family, pets, friends in 'mental fire' saying they are worthless and will prevent you from the ultimate attainment.

After that, he tells all the attendes to attach their attention, breathing and energies in him (Sadhguru).

- Breaks in-between involving gibberish talks and making meaningless sounds or words.

Isha yoga provides us more options than ever. Want to know about more programs under Isha Yoga? Watchout our list of Isha Yoga Programs.

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