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Isha Hatha Yoga

Isha Hatha Yoga


Isha Hatha Yoga is one of the program under Isha Yoga programs, designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The target of Isha Hatha Yoga is to revive the ancient art of Hatha Yoga and help people adopt the same in its most purest form.

We will be briefing about Hatha Yoga in the introduction section but for the sake of starter, in the words of Sadhguru:

Hatha Yoga is the science of using the body to prepare oneself for the ultimate possibility.


Hatha means ‘Stubbornness’. So in Hatha Yoga, a body is made to be in some position for some duration.

Yoga means ‘Addition’ or ‘Union’. In spiritual context, it is the complete path to achieve the union of the Human consciousness and the Superconsciousness. In this way, wherever the word ‘Yoga’ is used, it implies that the system is capable and self-sufficient in itself to make a person realize Superconsciousness.

Now, Hatha Yoga implies that it is complete in itself and can make a person realize Superconsciousness. Also, in ancient times, Hatha Yoga was used to make the body very strong.

Why? The general concept is that at the time of connecting with higher energy, huge currents of energy flows through our body. If body is weak and unable to sustain, then it can be injurious.

This is what Sadhguru has to say on this:

Hatha Yoga is the phenomenon of aligning the human system with the cosmic – a way to hold one’s system in a way that it will become a receptacle to receive and hold the entire cosmos.

Isha Hatha Yoga Program

Isha Hatha Yoga program under Isha Yoga targets to teach Hatha Yoga in its purest form. The vision is provide a holistic experience by enabling a person mastering over his/her body and mind. So, do not think of the practices under the program simply as Physical exercise. It’s more than that.

Mastering over body and mind will open doors to be in a state of health, joy and bliss.

5 Different Yoga Practices

To ease out the process with, the whole Isha Hatha Yoga is divided into 5 different portions. In this way each portion has different impact on the body.

Below are the names:

  1. Upayoga
  2. Angamardana
  3. SuryaKriya
  4. Yogasanas
  5. Bhuta Shuddhi


Upayoga is the starting level. In Upayoga, 10 different practices are taught which helps activating joints, muscles and your energy system. In this way, your body eases out and gets prepared for further training.

You can think of it as a warmup for the long course of exercises.

Upayoga Benefits

  • Stronger Joints.
  • Stronger muscles.
  • Stress buster.
  • Refreshing the whole body.



Next step is Angamardana. In this step, there are 31 practices taught to energize the whole body. This help make a person’s physical and mental health reach at, according to Isha Foundation, ‘peak’.

Angamardana Benefits

  • Increases physical strength and fitness.
  • Strengthens spine.
  • Invigorates the body.



SuryaKriya is single practice consists of 21 steps. It works for both physical and Inner well-being in a holistic way.

‘Kriya’ word in SuryaKriya signifies that the process has to do with inner-self.

SuryaKriya Benefits

  • Increases focus.
  • Increases vigor and vitality.
  • Sets the stage for journey of inner-self.


In this portion of Isha Hatha Yoga, there is a set of body postures by which a person is able to elevate his / her consciousness and handle and manipulate the energy within.

Yogasanas Benefits

  • Enables a person to achieve his/her potential.
  • Enables a state of health, joy and bliss.


Bhuta Shuddhi

Foundation of this portion is based on the ancient yogic concept that human body is made up of five different elements(Butha) : Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Akash (Ether).

So, this process enables a person to clean all the Bhutas. Indirectly it means to clean/purify the whole body.

Bhuta Shuddhi Benefits

  • Keeps the bodily system in harmony.
  • Prepares the body to receive higher energies.
  • Prepares a person to master over the whole body.

Isha Hatha Yoga Benefits

Out of the numerous benefits of Isha Hatha Yoga, mentioned below are some of them:

  • Balances Harmones
  • Increases Vitality
  • Boosts Vigour.
  • Increases Focus.
  • Helps mastering over body and mind.
  • Leads to health, joy and bliss.



  • No any previous Isha Yoga Programs is required.
  • No any special physical flexibility and Strength is required.


Typically, the duration of Isha Hatha Yoga Program is 21 days.


Although sadhguru has not written or guided any book on Isha Hatha Yoga or Hatha Yoga in general, we have sorted the ancient Hatha Yoga books below, specially for our book lovers.

Let me tell you that these books are the ultimate reference points on the subject of Hatha Yoga, from regular reader to sophisticated scholar. So, must read text if interested in Hatha Yoga.


Let us know how you felt about the article.

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