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Vijaykumari Jaggi sadhguru jaggi vasudev wife

As we discussed in the article Radhe Jaggi - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Daughter, people are always curious about a mystic's personal life. Also when you are trying to connect with someone at such deep level, you want to validate it first and then go for it.

Follower of Sadhguru or people who are simply impressed by Sadhguru, who wants to be part of Isha Yoga always want to probe and know if the rumors and controversies aroud Sadhguru and his wife's death are true or not.

When people try to dedicate themselves to someone, authenticity of that someone is of utmost important. It is our deciding factor to check if the whole thing is just another Scam or not. As India is already full of spiritual conmans, is he another one?

So whether it's their personal life or social life, people wants to know everything. 

To help decide on this questions, this post will describe the biography and all the detailing about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Wife Vijaykumari or simply Vijji.

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Who is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's wife?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's wife's name is Vijaykumari. or nicknamed Vijji. She was a banker by profession.

Sadhguru Marriage with Vijaykumari

Sadhguru met his future wife at a social lunch in Mysore City. Both of them were invited there. This was the start of small chitchats.

Soon, small talks were accompained by some heartful letters. This whole thing of exchanges went on for some time.

In 1984, they got married and tied knots for lifetime.

Those of you who take notes on Spirituality's association with family and Chastity, here is the thing: Sadhguru married in 1984, 2 years after his spiritual enlightenment. 

Birth of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's Daughter

In 1990, After 6 years of their successful marriage, they had a daughter. They named her Radhe Jaggi

According to Sadhguru "Vijji was very keen on a child. She felt that motherhood was a crucial experience in every woman’s life."

Death of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Wife

Death of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's wife Vijaykumari has been the most controversial topic around Sadhguru.

Vijji died on 23rd January 1997.

After 8 months of her death, a complaint was filed against Sadhguru. The complaint was not just regarding her death but also mentioned the dowry harrasment.

After this complaint, some tamil media also tried to red flag Sadhguru. But soon, the complaint was taken back.

Sadhguru's defence in Tehelka Magazine's interview

Tehelka is a well known media outlet in India. As interviewer asked Sadhguru on Vijji's death, these were Sadhguru's words:

"Is an FIR filed? No. Have they arrested me? No. Have they interrogated me? No,” he responds. “Why would they not arrest me if there was some substance?” He says a case was filed eight months after his wife died, and the media went ballistic because a powerful banker who disliked him funded the campaign. According to him, despite this and the resulting political pressure, the DSP refused to arrest him because there was no case — they’d spoken to people at the ashram. He adds that she’d announced to many that she was planning to leave her body and there were witnesses when it happened. What surprised him was that she left a month before her announced date."

Sadhguru's explanation of Vijaykumari's death

First of all, Sadhguru does not considers it as death. He calls it Maha-Samadhi (An esoteric and spiritual event).

According to Sadhguru, that particular day was very auspicious for such event (Mahasamadhi). She attained Moksha (Salvation or Buddhist Nirvana) by that.

"On January 23rd, this cluster of planets centered on the first degree of Aquarius, joined by the Sun with the Full Moon opposite them all. This pattern may also be seen as a symbolic representation of the long heralded 'dawning of the Age of Aquarius'. It is also the thaipoosam, a day that many sages of the past had chosen for their own Mahasamadhi.

Vijji had decided that once the linga was complete, she would leave her body. She announced that she would leave on a particular full moon day, and she started working towards that. I tried to talk to her, “It’s not necessary now, wait for some time.” But she said, “Right now, my life is perfect, inside of me and outside of me. This is the time for me. I don’t know if another time like this will come for me."

Sadhguru answering a seeker on his wife's death

Seeker: Vijji left her body before the end of the consecration process, leaving the energy triangle incomplete. How, then, did you continue with it, Sadhguru?

Sadhguru: "Because my wife, Vijji, was part of the consecration process, for me in this life, the social situation was more conducive. Everything was going too well, like a dream. When things were going so well, especially with a process like this, I knew some impediment would come.

Usually, the difficulty always came from social situations. So I instructed all the people around me to be extremely careful not to get into any kind of trouble anywhere; not to create any kind of resistance with anybody, because I knew something was coming. From which direction it would come, we were watching, and here it came. Vijji just dropped her body, and the consecration was left incomplete.

She attained Mahasamadhi, and we were back to square one again. Ninety-five percent of the work was done. Just a little more time, in one more week, we would have completed the consecration, but now we got stuck. It took us another one-and-a-half years to finish the work.

Now I started playing both roles: hers and mine. This was like recreating another person with your energy. This is very hard to believe. She was gone, but we needed this person in that place because replacing her with another would be too difficult at that juncture of the work. To prepare another person, to bring another person to that level of sadhana, it would take any number of years. So I started recreating her energy-wise, and it became so much a reality that you could almost feel her and touch her. To that extent this person was re-created.

When I sat in this process for four to five hours, by the end of it I came out totally drained, because with one person’s energy, I was managing two bodies. It took such a big toll on me. You will notice if you see my pictures, in about eleven months’ time, I aged about twenty-five to thirty years. I became old and sick. All kinds of bizarre diseases were there in my body. When they took my blood test in the United States, they couldn’t believe it. The results were as if I had some devastating diseases in my body. I never took any treatment for that. I knew why it was happening, but I wanted a medical parameter as to what damage I was causing to my body. My liver was damaged, my heart was giving me trouble and my blood was in a bad state. They were predicting all kinds of cancers in my body. Suddenly, lumps would appear on my body and the next day would mysteriously disappear. People around me couldn’t believe what was happening. The body was going through such turmoil. I thought, “Anyway, with consecration, we will close this body business,” but because of certain people who stood there and gave their lives in a certain way, we went beyond that point. Even today, I am not one hundred percent okay. I have recovered to almost seventy to seventy-five percent. I never took any treatment; slowly we re-created the body. It’s still not one hundred percent all right. Some amount of re-creation still needs to be done. Some parts of the energy body are destroyed, badly damaged."

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