Gyan Mudra – Steps, Tips, Benefits and more

Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra is one of the Elemental Mudras (or Tattva Mudras).  Gyan is a Sanskrit word meaning Knowledge or Wisdom. So, this mudra is known as “Mudra of Knowledge”.

Gyan mudra is known by different names as Jnana Mudra, Chin Mudra,  Saraswati Mudra, Dhyana Mudra (There is a different Buddhist Dhyana Mudra in Buddhist Mudras)..

Gyan mudra is pre-eminent mudra in the world of Mudras. It is in use for thousands of years. Lord Krishna spoke Bhagvada Gita in this Mudra. Enlightened people use this mudra very often.

In this article, we will tell you everything about Gyan Mudra: Steps, Tips, Benefits, Duration and so on. Stay Tuned.

Gyan Mudra : Steps

  1. Sit in comfortable position. You can sit in a meditative pose like Lotus Pose (Padma Asana), Diamond Pose (Vajra Asana), Easy Pose (Sukha Asana) or any other pose of your choice. Just choose the pose in which you feel most comfortable.
  2. Your spine should be in a straight line.
  3. Join the tip of thumb and index finger.
  4. Other three fingers should be hold parallel, straight and joined.
  5. Place the hands on knees. Palms facing upward.

Gyan Mudra : Tips

  • While making your spine straight, do not make it tense. Get comfortable.
  • While joining the tip of thumb and index finger, do not let other three fingers move in different directions. Hold them together. In this way, dissipation of energy will be least.
  • For maximum benefit, take deep but slow breaths while performing the mudra.

Gyan Mudra : Duration

Gyan Mudra can be done 24 hours. No limits. More the better.

Gyan Mudra : Benefits

This mudra works at all levels whether it is physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

  • It energizes Brain.
  • It increases concentration.
  • It increases memory.
  • It increases Intellect/ IQ.
  • It promotes intellectual and emotional balance.
  • It promotes positivity.
  • It reduces Anger.
  • It reduces Jealousy.
  • It reduces enviness.
  • It reduces stress hence promoting calmness of mind. A STRESS BUSTER.
  • It works as tranquilizer, hence works in Insomnia, even for the chronic cases.
  • It helps cure headache and migrane.
  • It removes depression.
  • It removes irritability.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It helps curing skin diseases.
  • It works as skin-whitening.
  • It works in face glow.
  • It works in toothache.
  • It cures Alzyhmers.
  • It cures Dementia.

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