Is Osho’s body still preserved from his previous life?

Osho previous life

This article is in continuation from the article Did Osho get killed in his previous birth, which was his most recent previous life. Current post deals with Osho’s second previous life.

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How Osho started to talk about his second previous birth? It all started when Karmapa commented on Osho and one of Osho’s disciple told him about it.

Swami Govind Siddharth, one of Osho’s disciples, reported that on 6 June 1972 Karmapa told him:

Osho is the greatest incarnation since Buddha in India, and is a living Buddha!” and “Now in this life, Osho has taken birth specially in order to help people spiritually—only for this purpose. He has taken birth fully consciously.

Karmapa was very excited and indicated a close association with Osho in past life. Osho’s last birth is said to have occurred about 700 years ago. Karmapa was referring “to one birth before that”. Osho was one of their great incarnations two births ago.

If you want to see one of Osho’s past incarnations, you can go to Tibet and see his golden statue there which is preserved in the Hall of Incarnations.” Asked of whom Osho is an incarnation, he replied, “Now, that is a secret. Unless someone is the head of one of our monasteries, we do not disclose whose incarnation he is.

My blessings are always there, and I know that whatever we Tibetans are not going to be able to do to help others, Osho will do. “Osho is the only person able to do this, he took birth in India specially. You are very very fortunate to have him. He is the only divine incarnation living today who will be a world teacher.” And “The world will know him but only a few people will realize what he actually is. He will be the only person who can guide properly, and can be a world teacher in this age, and he has taken birth only for this purpose.”

Osho’s response on his previous life:

Some days ago Lama Karmapa had said something about me…* Karmapa had said that my one body from some past birth is preserved in a cave in Tibet. Ninety-nine bodies are preserved there, among them one body is mine, that was said by Karmapa.

In Tibet they have tried for thousands of years to preserve the bodies in which some extraordinary things happened. They have preserved such bodies as an experimentation. Because such events do not happen again and again, and do not happen so easily. After thousands of years, once in a while such things happen. For instance, someone’s third eye opened and along with it, it broke a hole in the bone where the third eye exists. Such an event takes place sometimes once in hundreds of thousands of years. The third eye opens in so many people but this hole does not happen to everybody. When this hole happens, the reason behind it is that in that case the third eye has opened with tremendous force. Such skulls or such a body is then preserved by them.

For instance, someone’s sex energy, the basic energy, arose with such force that it broke a hole in the crown of his head and merges into the cosmos. Such a thing happens only once in a while. Many people merge into the universal reality, but the energy filters through so slowly, and with such intervals, that the energy simply seeps in small measures, and a hole is not created. Once in a while, it happens with such sudden intensity that, breaking the skull, the entire energy merges into the cosmos. So they preserve that body. This way, until now they have done the greatest experiment in the history of mankind. They have preserved ninety-nine bodies. So Karmapa had said that among those ninety-nine bodies a body of mine is also preserved….

It is the ninety-seventh body, but if it is counted from the opposite side, it can be the third one.

With this, he stops about this.

But, if the body was preserved for hundreds of years(atleast according to Osho and Karmapa), it must still be preserved there. The only thing is that, everything is unknown. The esoteric group to which Osho belonged. The location and the truthfulness in the story.

But should we really get concerned about it? I don’t find any reason to ponder over such things. Even if you will find out anything related to this, it will just be a piece of information and nothing else. This information does not have anything to transform you. So, gulp the story in, relax and move on.

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