All Religions Of The World United

all religions of the world united
all religions of the world united

All Religions Of The World United : Introductory Note

Why should one think about uniting all the religions of the world? Doesn’t it looks like political propaganda? Ain’t it a thing which a social activist does on the name of universal brotherhood, when he/she has nothing better to do? Why to follow such a moralistic attitude towards society when we are seeking The Absolute? For a moral person, it can be good to see the humanity as big family, but what purpose it solves for scientist of the soul, the seeker?

But there is another point of view regarding this. When a seeker can not take this concept of unification of religions of the world on a moralistic attitude, he can see a common denominator in all of the religious sects while looking for The Absolute in all the religions. If there is no common thing, then it is impossible to unite all the religions. If all religions can help an individual towards the realization of a universal goal, then religions will work just like different set of tools or resources for that individual to achieve that universal goal.

There are ten’s of major religions, hundreds of religious sects and uncountable number of group all around the world, who follow one or another belief in the prospect of religion. Every sect has different concept of God and follows their own rituals and practices. So in this chaos of all these religious sects, is it possible to make All religions of the world united?

The concept of “All religions of the world united” is not the cause for a better society but is the result of experimenting with all religions towards achieving universal goal. So, when we agree that “Religions of the world united” can put better prospect to a seeker, the real big question arises: Is there a common denominator in all religions of the world? A universal goal?

Religion is human expression of, experience of The Absolute

Different religious sects whether Hindus, Muslims, Jains, or Buddhists in current society take the concept of God or soul either from books or directly from someone who helps reach towards spiritual goal (A living person). Majority is of the religions who follows book. All the rituals and practices a person of a sect follows, are taken somewhere from the book which that particular sect follows.

Take example of Hindus: Hindus follows Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Srimad Bhagwat Geeta and many such books; Sruti and Smrti texts in nutshell. Christians follows The Bible. Foundational book of Muslims is noble Quran. Shri Guru Granth Sahib of Sikhs.

If a person follows any texts from the surface , that person will see only word chattering, bodily practices and patterns to follow in a particular manner. But, if someone will go in the fountain-head of the text, the person will find that all the religions are just the result coming from some human experience. Someone experienced The absolute and expressed in its own way. Some tried to explain that experience by words, some by mere body expression and some by utter silence. These words, expressions and practices became the seminal things for the sects to follow.

The Universal Experience

People from time to time have experienced the connected-ness with The Absolute. Possibly they have experienced this by practicing different things but all have reached to the same point where they themselves became the Absolute. This experience of Being The Absolute is common foundation, declaration and purpose of any religion. This universal experience is the common denominator of all religions.


All religions point to the universal goal of experiencing the unchanging absolute. Different religions name this experience differently. Different religions follows different practices to achieve this universal goal. So, the difference is merely on the surface. So the answer to the question ” is it possible to make All religions of the world united? Is there a common denominator in all religions of the world? A universal goal?”: YES IT IT POSSIBLE. THE UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE IS THE UNIVERSAL GOAL.

A seeker can have an open mind to learn from any sect according to the necessity to reach this goal.


Raja Yoga:Introduction – Swami Vivekananda


All Religions of the world united!!