Osho – Books I Have Loved 22-29

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22. Hsin Hsin Ming by Jianzhi Sengcan/Kanchi Sosan

Hsin Hsin Ming, or XinXin Ming means Faith in mind or trust in mind. XinXin Ming is a poem attributed to the Third Chinese Zen Patriarch Jianzhi Sengcan. This poem is said to be the direct response to popularism of Amitabha Buddha and asserts that “Mind is Buddha”. It re-asserts the foundational principles of Buddhism that Not to have faith in  any outside Buddha. Instead, Buddhism is to experience Buddhahood in oneself.

The Hsin Hsin Ming has been much beloved by Zen practitioners for over a thousand years. It is very popular among Western Zen circles.


23. Tertium Organum – The third canon of thought by P.D. Ouspensky

This masterpiece is one of the earliest work of Ouspensky. Although known as the disciple of Gurdjieff, this work was published before he met Gurdjieff.

According to Osho it was one of the greatest books in any language of the world and it felt strange to him that Ospensky could write so great book.


24. Geet Govind by Jayadeva

The Geet Govind is a work in poetic style, composed by Jayadeva, a 12th century poet. It describes the relationship between Lord Krishna and the gopis/female cow herders of Vrindavana: place where Lord Krishna grew up. There is mentioning of Radha, Lord Krishna’s lover, that she is greater than Krishna himself.

The Geet Govinda has twelve chapters and each chapter is further sub-divided into twenty four divisions and each subdivision has eight couplets.


25. Samayasara by Acharya Kundakunda

Samayasara meaning The Nature of the Self is a famous Jain text composed by Acharya Kundakunda. The word is divided into ten chapter and contains 439 verses in all. The book deals with the subject of Soul/self, Karma (How they are binding the soul) and Moksha (the ultimate freedom coming as result of freedom from Karma).


26. The First and Last Freedom by J. Krishnamurti

The First and Last Freedom is one of the most popular books of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a 20th century philosopher and mystic. It is said that this book was compiled after he got self-realized. It was originally published in 1954. The introduction of the book was written by none other than Aldous Huxley. This work worked as major factor in drawing people’s attention to Krishnamurti.


27. The Zen teachings of Huan Po  by Huan Po

The original Chinese texts has been translated to English language by numerous people. Linked is one of that translations.  The book is a collection of Sermons, dialogues and stories.

The work shows how the experience of intuitive knowledge that reveals to a man what he is, cannot be communicated by words.


28. The Zen Teachings of Hui Hai by Hui Hai

The book  The Zen teaching of instantaneous awakening: A complete translation of the teaching of the Chinese Ch’an Master Hui Hai, is a book by John Blofeld translating the 8th Century Chinese text to English.


29. Song of Solomon

Also known as the Song of Songs, Song of Solomon is the last part of Hebrew bible.

Osho said that he loved the Song of Solomon very much. He said that he hates everything Jewish except Song of Solomon. According to Osho, all the psychologists are interpreting the Song of Solomon in a worst way possible. The song is not sexual but sensual in nature. The poem is so alive and full of Juice.