Osho | Main Mrityu Sikhata Hun 01 | Audio | Hindi

Human does not know what life is.

And when we don’t know life, there is no any possibility remains to learn about death.

Truth is that we do not know life , that’s why death seems to happen.

Those who know life, death is an impossible word for them.

Death seems to be everywhere. Crores of people died and dying continuously. There are numerous cremation grounds. The places where there are houses today, there were cremation grounds in the past. But, even after this, when i say that death is most false word in human history, you feel surprised.

Somebody went to Marpa, a tibetan saint, and said that i came here to ask you about life and death. Marpa laughed profusely and said “If you want to ask about life, then ask because i know life. I do not know death.

Once darkness complains God about Sun. How Sun is after me throughout the day and is an enemy. God called Sun and asked, what is tha matter? Why are you after darkness? Sun said, it’s been like eternity since i am wandering and i have not met darkness in my life for even once. Please call darkness in front of me so that i recognize and do not mistake from now on.

How can darkness be called against Sun? There is no existence of darkness. Darkness in absense of Light.

Either there is light or there is darkness. Similarly, Either there is Life or there is death. Both can not coexist.

Non-knowledgibility of life is death.

We do not try to know life and fear death.

There is no question of life and death. The question is only of life.

Life is flowing everywhere and we do not know it directly inplies that we are in some kind of unconscious sleep. Spiritual hypnotic sleep.

In 3000 years, humans have fought 15000 wars. It is not hte symptom of conscious awakened people.

In years, a person awakens and we become intolerable to that person. We murder Jesus. We give poision to Socrates. We behead Mansood. We behave like crazy people because that awakened person becomes symbol of our sleep.

We do not come to know that we are asleep because everybody around us are also asleep.

Kenneth Walker, in his book, in the section ‘dedicated to‘ write that ” To George Gurdjieff “The Disturber of my sleep”.

It is typical that if you will disturb someone’s sleep, the person will take revenge.

In a Village, a magician came and drugged a well. Whoever will drink water from this well will get mad. Till evening, everbody drank water from well out of necessity, even at the cost of being mad.

King and people in his circle were happy but this happiness lasted only till evening when the people gathered the King’s palace and shouted ” It seems that King has gone mad. We can not tolerate this person as King.” “What will happen now” – King asked his assistant. The assistant said: No need to ask. Run and come back after drinking water from that well. King said “What are you saying? Do you want me to go mad? Assistant said: Now there is no any other solution.

At night, village celebrated and thanked God saying that “King has become normal now” because now King was same as madman.

Our sleep is social. That’s why we are unable to realize the consciousness.

In the sleep we think ourself as body. The situation is similar to the person who supposes himslef as the guest of the palace when the person is residing at  outside of the boundary of palace.

We are just aware of the our body. We are not even aware of the inside of the outer body, leave aside the inner bodies. The person knows is from outside and then death appears.

The outer body is just a wrapper. This experience of just outer body, when consciousness shrinks to inside, appers as death. Life does not remain at outer covering.

This body is not our authentic being. We are totally different and opposite being deep inside.

The covering of the seed is very hard, so that it can protect the sprout within. Covering is not seed. When you see only the covering, you can never see the sprout. Truth is that, to sprout to appear, the covering has to break down.

Similarly, this body is covering and our consciousness is that sprout. Human is seed of God.

Problem of Life is this problem of experience of life inside. There is something different inside body.

Mao te Tsung,

Truth is inside. Power is inside. Potential is inside.

Outer is just menifestation of what is inside.

When people see the death of others, especially of the close one, they realize the upcoming of their death too. Then the whole repetition os false words “Atman is deathless and  immortal”. It is their skeptic defence of their fear of death.

The people who popularise non-voilence seems like they do not want any body to heart anybosy else but this is expression of a the person who is afraid of someone hurting the person himself.