Osho | Baby My Whole Work Is To Confuse You

Baby My Whole Work Is To Confuse You

The questioner described his confusion regarding what Osho said earlier and Osho retorts ” Baby My Whole Work Is To Confuse You”. I can not commit the crime of making you believe that you know something.

In an earlier instance, Osho said that there is no God. It may seemed an extreme paradox to the questioner that how can a spiritual teacher say that there is no God. Isn’t it? When the whole foundation of spirituality or religion is based on God, then how can a spiritual teacher neglect God’s existence? So incapable of finding the answer to this paradox, questioner asks to ease out her confusion.

If you see, in a way, the whole belief system of a person is shaken. If there is no God, what were we believing in till now? What was I believing in till now then? The answer to the question seemed very important as the whole prospect of life is changed.The whole foundation is troubled.

God or the Godliness can not bound to the scope of knowledgeability or to say mind. If you say that you have understood that, in a way you have confined that to your mind. Osho says that drop this knowledgeability that you know GOD.

Below is the excerpt from the video. If you find it interesting, you can go through the video too.

Excerpt: Baby My Whole Work Is To Confuse You

Baby, my whole work is to confuse you. Unless you are utterly confused, you are not going to drop your knowledgeability. What do you mean when you asked to ease out your confusion. In other words, you want certain, settled knowledgeability. You want to confuse yourself that you know it. I can not commit that crime. You do not know it. So first i have to..


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