Osho | Live Life, Do Not Just Watch It On TV

Excerpt from the video:

A man is sitting in a movie cinema hall and the wife is continuously reminding him how the hero is showing his love so deeply to his wife. Finally the husband says “Stop all this nonsense! You do not know how much he is paid for it.¬†And moreover , it is only acting. It is not reality. I will certainly say he is a good actor.” The wife said “Perhaps you are not aware that in actual life also, they are husband and wife.” He said “My god! If that is true, then he is the greatest actor i have ever seen, otherwise even on the stage to show so much love to your own wife is simply beyond human capacities. It is almost a genius as far as acting is concerned”…

It has been noted by psychoanalysts, that people are sitting in front of their TVs for hours. ..Slowly, slowly watching movies, watching television, watching a football match, watching a tournament, people have simply become observers…

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Length – 10:21
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