Osho | Behave As If You Are First Here

Behave As If You Are First Here

In this video Osho explain’s his vision of a human being as totally alive, totally intense, nothing filled with religious garbage, a clean slate. He says ” Behave As If You Are First Here”.

When you will Behave As If You Are First Here, you will be able to enjoy everything without any pre-conceived notion which you have got attached to, no judgement on behalf of the social constructs, the structural civilization, the cultural taboos. It does not mean a chaos but the complete acceptance of himself/herself and expressing that just as they are with full intensity.

Attachment and fear are two sides of same coin. When you will be out of attachment to the social judgement, you will be out of fear of Social judgement. And when the mind is without attachment, without fear, expressing himself/herself with full intensity without any hindrance, a new kind of human is born.

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Below is the excerpt from the video. If you find it interesting, you can go through the video too.

Excerpt: Behave As If You Are First Here

My whole vision is of a human being, totally alive, intensively alive, enjoying everything that life makes available, and enjoying it with grace , gratitude towards existence. And that’s what loving yourself means. It means that you have thrown all the garbage of religious rejection, repression. You have dropped all ideas given to you, that you are now standing on your own as if you are Adam and Eve. No priest has been there before, no religion has been there before; un-corrupted, unspoiled, clean. Start like Adam and Eve. Just think of the idea…


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