Osho | I Am Rich Man’s Guru

This video is a part of an interview so it is in the form of questions and answers. Below is the quick overview of the conversation:

Interviewer: There is a perception that you are your religious following are extremely wealthy.

Osho: My people are rich. In fact, only the very rich educated, intelligent, cultured can understand what i am saying. Beggars can not come to me, poor can  not come to me. The gap is very big….

Question: Isn’t it a contradiction with the traditional perception of a life of austerity led by religious leader and ascetics?

Osho: I simply think those traditions just rubbish. There is no question of contradiction…

Interviewer: One thing i think people from the outside remember about you when they read your stories or see you on television is that you own so many, or have so many Rolls Royces. Why is that?

Osho: How many?

Interviewer: 80

Osho: No


Osho: No. 90 …

Watch out the video here:

Video Information:

  • Length – 5:07
  • Language – English
  • Subtitle – English
  • Taken from : The Last Testament Vol1