This website believes in the idea of Integrated Development of a Person. Development in portion is successful but never knocks on the true dormant potential of a human being. So call this idea a whistleblower in the field of Human dormant potential.

There can be different possible aspects to the Idea of an Integrated Development of a Person but for now the focus is on below six developments:

  1. Physical Development
  2. Intellectual Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Spiritual Development
  5. Social Development
  6. Financial Development

Let us explain each, one by one.

Physical Development:-

No any development is possible if you are not physically fit. That’s it. Period.

There are different ways in which a person tries to get fit. Various examples are Yoga, Asanas, Gym, Martial Arts, Ayurveda. Our target is to go through all the possible ways and give you things which you can include in your daily life.

Intellectual Development:-

If you do not understand your mind, you can’t understand yourself.

In this prospect we will try to understand how our mind works and interacts with everything. Sometimes it will be about psychology, sometimes about psychopathology and sometimes may be about behavioral psychology.

Seems like geeky, boring, difficult and strong? May be or may be not. Have you heard of things like Ego, Concentration, Will power etc. All these comes under this. So we may be talking a difficult subject but you won’t find the subject difficult.

Emotional Development:-

Emotional development is nothing but deeper side of intellectual development. There is nothing nearby heart. Everything is getting triggered through mind.

So in this part of development, we will try to come across things which are beyond pure mathematical logic and more towards emotions like Jealousy, Anger, Enviness, Empathy.

Spiritual Development:-

Some Spiritual pundits may contradict the term ‘Spiritual Development’ as impossible. Argument they take is that you cannot develop the spirit.

Our term just means that we would like to analyze (if possible) or understand the stage of passionlessness, thoughtlessness or self-realization and would like to experiment to achieve that stage. In this way this section will try to deliver answers to the existential questions like Who am i? and Why am I? Why do i born? Why do i die? Purpose of Life? Meaning of life?

The scope of Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development is within a person. This is where Social and Financial Development differs where most of the time invariants are outside of the person.


Social Development:-

A completely changed person who is stable within himself/herself at the core is someone totally different than the normal one you interact with. Obviously, that person’s interaction with the society will also differ. What is the place of moral values, culture, philanthropy according to that person? How a person will interact with everthing else when Ego is absent and Love & creativity is ever-present?

This part will explore such type of things: That person’s interaction with the society.

Financial Development:-

Why financial development is part of our idea of integrated person?

We are limited by things needed for body’s survival at the least. Sometimes a person gets limited by other things too. Even to live a life where a person can eat and sleep requies a lot of things on daily basis. That’s why society works on mutual collaboration and share things by financial units.

If you see clearly, financial development is a foundational mean for any kind of development. We can not give time to ourself to do any task until we have stable financial foundation. So, for example, for spiritual development, either you have option to go to jungle and feed on it or stay in the society and let the money pour in from your passive income sources.

Passive Income Source is the key here.

This website will try to provide you:


This section will assert and explore the idea of our integrated development of a person so that people can resonate with it and join it if they feel.

A Resource Platform:-

By this we will try to collect the resources pertaining to all the above mentioned developments. Be it articles, books, audios, videos, monologues, dialogues, transcriptions, translations or interviews.

Our idea will be not to reinvent the wheel but to redefine things whenever it is needed.

A Experimental, Executional and Experiential (EEE) Platform:-

When you have knowledge in hand, you want to try it. When you try it, you want to see how it is working with other people. What to expect from it.

Here we will try to build a community where each person is capable enough to collect the resources needed to experiment on a thing(e.g. a meditation technique) for the development and share the experience with the community.

Join us if you believe in the idea of an Integrated Development of a Person.

How to Join: